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Sustainability at the Moose Hotel & Suites

Read about some of our green initiatives below

Reclaimed and salvaged wood

Reclaimed and salvaged wood used for many hotel features


All lighting in the Moose is LED. LED’s consume 10% of the energy of an incandescent bulb, and 50% of a compact fluorescent bulb.


All common area lighting of the Moose hotel is controlled by a programmable dimming system. This allows us to automate our light dimming and thus adjust our energy consumption around the natural light cycle of the day.

Heating and Cooling

All guest room heating/cooling units are controlled by an energy management system that interfaces with our Property Management System. This allows rooms that are not occupied to default into a more favourable energy consumption setting when people are not in the guestroom.

Heat Control Ventilators

The Moose also contains multiple Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV’s for short) that will recover the heat from exhausted air and then transfer this heat to the colder fresh air coming into the building, so that less energy is consumed heating air coming into the building.

Ultra High Efficiency Toilets

The Moose American Standard ultra-high-efficiency toilets (UHETs) save nearly 20% more water than the current WaterSense requirement, using an average 1.1 gallons of water per flush (gpf)

In-room papers

The majority of our toilet paper, facial tissue and paper towel are Terra Choice registered, 100% recycled, chlorine free and have high post consumer waste content.

Rocky Mountain Soap

Our Rocky Mountain Soap is made locally, natural and biodegradable.

In-room Amenities

Opened amenity containers are sent back to our supplier for recycling.

Cleaning Chemicals

Whenever possible, we use cleaning chemicals that are Terra Choice registered with no V.O.C.’s or A.P.E.’s.


We recycle paper, newspaper, cardboard, bottles and cans whenever possible – please use the blue bins in your room.


of our guests participate in our towel re-use program

Our Water bottle program

Did you know Banff has some of the best drinking water!